Richard Stafford

Director / Choreographer / Educator


Boston Herald - Saturday, June 4, 2005

"Where this production stands out is the slick staging by Richard Stafford and the enthusiasm of the ensemble, a mix of equity professionals and local high school students."

Boston Globe June 7, 2005

"'Fame', the musical is a spritely, entertaining little show, and the North Shore Music Theatre's production is full of eye-catching choreography, performed by a vigorous, committed young 32-member cast."

Fame "10" at Seacoast Repertory Theatre.

"...smashing, exhilarating production...if the show is this sizzling hot late July, it should be jumping right out of the pan by August. Director Richard Stafford has put together a superb cast of young professionals from all around the country for this production and his judgment in assigning roles has been pretty near impeccable. It is the choreography that takes center stage in this play. Stafford, the play’s director, also choreographed this production. His choreography is enormously creative. He has his dancers doing wonderfully imaginative things with an assemblage of beat-up, faded red classroom chairs that become pedestals, rhythm instruments and anything else needed to tell the story with dance. With these and other humble props, Stafford and his exceptionally talented ensemble have created a moving dance extravaganza that should fill the seats at SRT straight into September."

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