Richard Stafford

Director / Choreographer / Educator


Next magazine

“I urge you to get yourself up to the Westchester Broadway Theater to see one of the greatest Mama Rose's of our time, Karen Mason . . . Mason's Rose is one for the ages, filled with razor-sharp timing and ferocious intensity. Luckily, director and choreographer Richard Stafford knows the show inside and out and provides staging that's clear and lucid in Westchester Broadway's rather difficult dinner theater spaces.”

Times Herald Record

“This 'Gypsy' should not be missed! Director and Choreographer Richard Stafford has assembled a cast whose members are vocally strong and light on their feet. Karen Mason has breathed life into Rose and made her uniquely her own. So move over Ethel, Angela, Tyne, Bernadette, Rosalind and Bette and beware Patti. There’s a new Rose in town and she’s kicking up her heels.”

News Times

“Musical classic 'Gypsy' revived in tip-top form...director/choreographer Richard Stafford captures the verve of the original while adding his own deft touches.”

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