Richard Stafford

Director / Choreographer / Educator

The Pirates Of Penzance


The Roanoke Times

“Pirates is deliciously goofy...Sword-waving pirates march down the aisles, cheerfully singing at the top of their lungs. Bumbling police officers use their batons, their hands, the stage and each other as percussion instruments. Giggly sisters flutter fans in unison... The audience found themselves clapping along during a standing ovation as the actors’ final curtain bow turned into yet another musical number...The onslaught of musical numbers moves with the speed of a Bugs Bunny cartoon or a Buster Keaton silent comedy... The play’s biggest surprise, though, comes when the cops begin using their batons and hands to smack the floor, themselves and each other in a synchronized percussion routine like something straight out of 'Stomp'”.

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